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CUSO International - Conseiller en matière de genre - Droits de la femme au Pérou

Date limite: 8 novembre 2017 à 17h00
Offert par Cuso International
Types d’emploi: Volontariat/CoopérantE
Lieu de l’emploi: À l’étranger

Conseiller en matière de genre - Droits de la femme au Pérou

Date limite pour postuler : 8 novembre

Postulez ICI !

Location Lima : Peru

Start Date  : Sep - Nov 2017 (flexible)

Length of Placement  : 12 Months
Language Requirements : Spanish Spanish Reading : Level 4, Writing : Level 4, Speaking : Level 4

Language Scale :

Please submit a Spanish Cover Letter and Statement of Interest

Open to Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents only

The Volunteer’s Role :
We are looking for someone passionate about the defense of women’s rights ! As a volunteer, you’ll be working with the Women’s Affairs Office of the National Ombudsman –an autonomous public institution that defends Peruvian’s human rights– to support gender mainstreaming and training for its staff.

You will also apply your expertise providing technical assistance to the Women’s Affairs Office on knowlegment management and dissemination of research findings to public institutions, civil society organizations and citizens.

This volunteer placement will be located out of the Ombudsman’s office in Lima,
Peru’s bustling and diverse capital, where you will work with a committed team of lawyers. It’s a great small-team environment, with plenty of opportunity to learn, as they relate to different sectors of public administration.

As a volunteer, you will :

  • Provide technical assistance to strengthen the dissemination of their thematic reports and research findings in the Women’s Affairs Office.
  • Train staff in gender mainstreaming and gender-based violence.
  • Provide support for the institutionalization and implementation of action plan of the gender and interculturality network.
  • Provide support in the development of communication materials.
  • Essential Academic Qualifications : - University degree in Political Science, Social Sciences (Sociology, Anthropology), Humanities (Social - Psychology, Social Work), Law or related field - Specialization on gender issues and/or public institutions Essential Professional Background :
  • Knowledge of gender and social development issues in Latin America
  • Knowledge of fundamental human rights
  • Experience training diverse audiences
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills, in order to communicate with stakeholders of different backgrounds
  • Ability to work under pressure and demonstrated ability to prioritize tasks

    About Our Partner Defensoria del Pueblo (Ombudsman)

    The Peruvian Ombudsman’s Office is an independent state institution created by the Constitution of 1993. Mission : To protect the constitutional and fundamental rights of individuals and the community ; to supervise the public administration in the fulfillment of their duties ; and to provide public services for citizens.

    Vision : To contribute to a complete respect of fundamental rights by public sector entities and enterprises while also providing public services and contributing to the consolidation of an inclusive, equitable and sustainable society.

    As the head of the institution, the Ombudsman, who was elected by two-thirds (majority) of the Peruvian congress for a five year term, enjoys immunity and cannot be held responsible in civil or criminal court for any recommendations, criticisms or doubts expressed, including opinions emitted in the exercise of the functions of the office. In addition, the Ombudsman can act with total independence in the fulfillment of all duties and is governed by the constitution and its own regulatory law.

The Ombudsman’s Office does not have the function of a judge or prosecutor nor does it act as a substitute for any other authorities. It does not sentence nor impose fines or any other sanctions. As a result, its views or opinions are not administratively or judicially binding. The implementation of its recommendations and suggestions is based on the power of persuasion which it exercises to create awareness among public authorities that their actions should adhere to legal norms and respect for the rights of citizens.

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