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Participant-e au Séminaire international 2015

Date limite: 16 août 2015 à 17h00
Offert par Centre d’étude et de coopération internationale (CECI)


Depuis plus de 65 ans, le Séminaire international offre à des jeunes une expérience unique d’échange et de partage de connaissances dans un pays en développement. Le Séminaire vise à créer des liens entre des jeunes de tous les continents pour mieux comprendre les enjeux internationaux et encourager les partenariats partout dans le monde.

Es-tu un/une jeune entrepreneur-e ou leader en innovation sociale ?
Le développement mené par les jeunes te passionne ?
Crée des liens et collabore avec 24 jeunes innovateurs et innovatrices du Canada, du Népal, du Sri Lanka et du Vietnam pour explorer de nouvelles opportunités d’engager les jeunes dans le développement économique.


For over 65 years the International Seminar has been offering Canadian youth a unique experience to exchange and share knowledge in a developing country. The Seminar seeks to connect youth across regions of the world to better understand

international development issues and to foster partnerships around the globe. The International Seminar is sponsored by Uniterra, a major Canadian international volunteer cooperation program managed by the World University Service of Canada (WUSC) and the Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI). Uniterra promotes the exchange of expertise, knowledge and knowhow among volunteers from Canada and overseas partners of the global South.

Uniterra strives to support the strengthening of service providers to young entrepreneurs and to offer other ways to assist the development of entrepreneurship opportunities in its 14 countries of operations. The purpose : to have services offered that are adapted to the realities of women and youth, which enable them to start up or consolidate micro and small enterprises, social innovative projects or develop self-employment. With this vision in mind, the 2015 International Seminar in Vietnam has been developed on the theme of "Youth Leaders in Entrepreneurship". Its objectives are :

1. To deepen the understanding of youth employability, social innovation and
entrepreneurship in Asia and Canada, and to receive concrete recommendations so that Uniterra may better promote youth entrepreneurship and support innovative projects to develop employability;

2. To enhance the leadership and entrepreneurial skills of the youth participants through the sharing of experience and knowledge, and via capacity building activities;

3. To encourage young entrepreneurs and social innovation leaders to explore
new opportunities to engage and support young people in economic development and in our programs.

To achieve these objectives, Uniterra will bring together 24 young social innovators and entrepreneurs from Canada, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam for a period of two and a half weeks in November 2015 in Hanoi, Vietnam.


Be committed to do the necessary preparation and research to be presented during the Seminar and before departure ;
Share your experiences linked to your involvement in youth network and associations ;
Share and exchange on the issues concerning youth employability and entrepreneurship in Canada with leaders of different countries ;
Participate fully in workshops and trainings during the Seminar to improve entrepreneurial skills (eg leadership, sales pitch for the project, etc.) ;
Together, with all the other participants, elaborate conclusions and recommendations on this year’s theme ;
Participate in the intercultural exchanges ;
Be committed to share the Seminar conclusions during CECI’s and WUSC‘s events upon returning to Canada ;
Reflect on potential platforms or mediums to better connect youth with one
another, and/or to instill a culture of peer to peer coaching within or outside
their communities (common interactive platform, social media, networks, etc.);
Ensure the participation and representation of women and men in all activities ;
Prepare and draft reports required by the coordinators and Uniterra program.


Have an interest and/or experience related to issues of employability of young people and youth entrepreneurship ;
Show an interest in international development and international issues ;
Be involved in a social innovation enterprise, business or venture that will have a positive impact in your community;
Have present or past involvement in social causes;
Have openness to sharing the Seminar’s results with Uniterra and its network of contacts after the return ;
Have a good academic record ;
Be open-minded ;
Be able to work efficiency in a team ;
Show flexibility and adaptability ;
Have the ease and comfort to speak in public ;
Have strong analysis, research and reporting skills ;
Have good English fluency (oral and written) ;
Contribute a minimum financial contribution towards the Uniterra program (please see page 10 of the Information Package for more information :


0,75 months, November 11, 2015


August 16, 2015


Vietnam Association of Community Colleges


This position is open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents.
You must ensure that you have a SYGESCA session open and that your profile contains a curriculum vitae before applying for the position.
Only pre-selected candidates will be contacted


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